Storage Agreement

Agreement for Plant Storage 2023/2024

Plants will be stored at #2 Knoll Place, Arnold MO. 63010


Agreement between:______________________________ and Walter Knoll Florist.


 Monday through Friday – Business Hours  (there will be a phone call the day before pick up or delivery, but times and dates can change without notice.)

The charge will be $160.00 minimum; this charge will include, two (2) person(s) and the truck for 30 minutes of time on location. Over 30 minutes will be $80.00 per half-hour. (standard delivery area is 50 mile radius from the Arnold Storage Facility) Additional miles will be billed at $3.00 a mile each way.

Trees over 20′ or have containers over 35″ in diameter will have additional charges.

Additional persons may be required because of weight, size or boarding, for the movement of the plants. There will be a $80.00 per man charge; this is for the first 30 minutes of time on location. Over 30 minutes will be $40.00 per person per half-hour.

Equipment such as Bobcat, Lull, Tractor, and Cranes, Etc., will be billed at cost plus 20%.


 Billing of storage. You will receive two (2) bills for your winter storage. The first bill will be for the labor, to pick up and for (7) months of storage. This is due 30 days from the pick up date. You can use any major credit card for payment.

The second bill will be for delivery and labor charges, and any additional storage time used in the spring or any new items.  This is due once the delivery  or pick up is made. If payment is not made either by credit card or checks within term a penalty of $30.00 a month plus finance charges will be added to your bill.

Lack of payment over 120 days all plants and containers will belong to Walter Knoll Florist

No Guarantee on Plants or Containers:

There is NO GUARANTEE ON YOUR PLANTS OR CONTAINERS. Some plants can not be stored such as Coconut Palms, Bananas, Elephant Ears, or any annual. They will be discarded immediately and not stored. Breakable or over weighted containers such as ceramic, clay, and filled with gravel are moved at no risk to WKF and most likely get scratched and broken at some point during the moving process.

(WKF will not move containers if we think they will be damaged leaving them and taking just the plant)

Every effort will be made to ensure your plants and containers are returned in the condition we took them. We will water, fertilize, and provide preventative care just as we do for our own plants in the same facility. If you request, we will prune your plant(s). If they have an existing bug problem when we receive them, we will treat and contact you immediately. This may result in an additional charge. If the problem cannot be resolved we will notify you and give you the option of taking the plant back or we will destroy it. Not all bug issues are solvable and your plants may be returned with some issues

Monthly Cost:

Plants are measured at WKF facility to determine height and width.

Size Height Width Monthly Storage Number of plants

#1-   Up to 6’ x 4’ $15.00 a month________________

#2-   7’ x 5’ $19.00 a month________________

#3-   8’ x 5’ $24.00 a month________________

#4-   11’ $30.00 a month________________

#5-   15’ $35.00 a month________________

#6-   20’ $40.00 a month________________

#7-   25’ $47.00 a month________________

#8-   30’ $55.00 a month________________

#9-   35’ $70.00 a month________________

#10- 3′ Bushy styled Fern/Hanging $20.00 a month________________

#11- 4’Bushy styled Fern/Hanging $30.00 a month________________

#12- 5’Bushy styled Fern/Hanging $40.00 a month________________

.         Total number of plants________________

Timed pick ups and deliveries will be subject to a rush charge

Landscape services available, such as Garden Planting/Preparation, Retaining Walls/Boulder walls, Trees/Shrubs and Perennial Plantings either installed or purchased.

(We provide full landscape services. All jobs are by proposal.)

To set up an appointment, please call us at 314-633-8770.

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Payment by Credit Card, please call 314-633-8770. Payment must be made within 30 days of pick up, to avoid late payment fees. Unpaid storage over 120 days will result in liquidation of your plants and containers.

We accept Mastercard/Discover/Visa/American Express a 3% fee will be added for all credit card payments

This agreement and pricing is confidential and is to be kept between the plant owners and Walter Knoll Florist.