Tropical Plant Storage

We Stores Tropical Plants

Looking for that great Tropical look, but do not want to waste your money or just throw away the plants at the end of the year. Let Walter Knoll Florist landscape services lend you a hand. We specialize in storing tropical plants from small to large – up to 35′ in height.

Due to this specialty we only house plants that have been purchased from Walter Knoll Florist.

(Short Cut to our Storage Agreement)

The prices to store these wonderful plants are very reasonable. We run large trucks to your home or site with crews to move the trees. The trees are handle with care as if they are our own.

(Due to size sometime breakage of branches happen)

Once the plant arrives at our storage facility we off load them and inspect them for disease. Any plant that needs attention will not be put into our facility. The client is notified and action must be taken or the plant is destroyed. The plants are stored in a minimum temperature of 50 degrees and watered as needed. We do not believe in a mass chemical control, only a preventive control.

Spring time pops out, and like magic, your plants return and paradise is back. Let Walter Knoll Florist supply that magic to relaxation in you Tropical Paradise.

To enhance that Paradise look let Walter Knoll Florist landscape your yard. We add in plants that do not have to be stored but bring that Tropical look.

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Walter Knoll Florist has offered this service for over 30 years and has designed 1000’s of back yard paradises. You probably been to some of our getaways, either at a Theme park, Water Park, or even at a friends home. If you can imagine it we can build it. These and other specialty services since 1883.